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  1. xiSharkL

    UNBAN apllication by yahooo

    @yahooo Condoning or taking part in any activity related to Duping or Server Exploit will cause in Strict Punishment, No matter how minor or small that evasion is. If you were given the items that were "duped" without your intention we wouldn't have banned you. But in this case you explicitly...
  2. xiSharkL

    UNBAN apply by amalbro007

    Hello Amalbro007, We will be unbanning you in our server, But any further violation of our server's rule will result in a gradual punishment and penalties towards your account in our Server.
  3. xiSharkL

    unban apply by ROYGAMERZ

    Hello ROYGAMERZ, You have broken many rules of the server multiple times and have received multiple warns and Temp bans because of it. But yet you kept breaking rules continuously. Hence We gave you a permanent ban and unban fee. But after reconsidering it, As you had been with our server many...